Village Drill


The Village Drill

Although countless organizations work every day to bring clean water to those that need it, most do so at an incredibly high cost. Here at, we decided that instead of spending billions of dollars hiring massive drilling rigs to install water sources, we’d invest in something much more sustainable – human-power.

The Village Drill is a human-powered borehole drill created by and a team of Brigham Young University engineers. The drill is designed to drill a 6” – 8” borehole up to 250 feet (about 80 meters) deep, accessing the clean water that exists underground nearly everywhere in the world, even the arid regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. Once the borehole is complete and the well pump is attached a village has instant access to lifesaving water, starting a Ripple Effect towards improved health and better opportunities.

There are many facets of the Village Drill that will make it the leading piece of technology in the fight against poverty and bringing access to clean water to literally millions of people

The Village Drill is easily transportable. The Village Drill is easily transported to even the most remote areas. When disassembled the Village Drill fits in the back of a standard size pickup – much easier to maneuver than a large traditional drilling rig.  Individual pieces are light enough to be carried for miles by hand or can fit in a small boat to be transported to communities inaccessible by roads. 

The Village Drill can be built in developing nations. Because of its simple design, the Village Drill can be manufactured locally in developing countries, saving thousands of dollars and valuable time avoiding the slow and high-cost options for importing.

The Village Drill is durable and built to last.  It’s made almost entirely of steel and is designed to give years of uninterrupted service. By design, the Village Drill has few moving or wearable parts, making maintenance simple and easily done with basic knowledge and common tools.   

The Village Drill is simple to use. Once a person is familiar with basic drilling principles, it takes a matter of hours to learn all the operational systems of the Village Drill.  Due to the simple visual nature of the Village Drill, training can easily occur across any language barrier.

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Creating Value

Each Village Drill is capable of creating significant value through drilling low-cost, high-impact wells. On average, a Village Drill can drill at least 20 wells per year. With a completed well  valuing between $12,500 and $15,000, this means each drill has the potential to create a minimum of $250,000 worth of wells -- in just one year. With 100 drills in operation we could easily create $25 million worth of wells, bringing clean water to over 2 million people -- each and every year.  



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The Burka Village Drill Team

The Burka Village Drill Team

Creating Sustainable Businesses -

The Village Drill Teams


In addition to creating clean water sources, our Village Drills create businesses, too.  Each of our Village Drills are operated by teams of about eleven young men and women in need of jobs. With the ability to drill wells in remote areas for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, ownership of a Village Drill gives Drill Teams an incredible opportunity to provide a high demand service in their communities. It creates a sustainable income for young people who would otherwise be out of work.  We provide Drill Teams with basic business training, too. This helps to ensure the success of their budding enterprises.




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