Our founder John Renouard is an engaging, funny and inspirational corporate speaker. Pulling from all aspects of his life he will motivate and inspire his audiences to do more, be more and to not only dream the impossible dream but to find and fulfill your destiny.

The Businessman

IN 1992 AT AGE 28 JOHN ENTERED THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS AS A HOBBY, BUT soon realized the untapped potential of the business if worked properly. His ideas and innovations did work and within months of getting into the business, he began out producing the seasoned veterans. Within his first year he was tops in his market. By age 32 he bought his first real estate office. John took that office from $300,000 in revenues to over Three Million in revenues in just one year. John would constantly lead by example: his personal production at this time ranked him number 12 in the nation out of nearly 150,000 other agents. With his training and mentoring, his offices would soon be nationally ranked as well. In just three years his office became ranked as the #23 office out of over 8000 offices nationwide, in both number of sales and commissions earned, gaining accolades as the fastest company to ever break into the top 25 nationally.

The Family Man

In 2003 John came full circle in his life. He and his wife adopted two children from Russia, going from a family of 6 to now a family of 8. Wanting to spend more time with his wife of 21 years and family, John decided to close and sell most of his companies, keeping only his online mortgage company and his consulting business. John now had the time to do what he really enjoyed, flying in his private plane, riding his motorcycle, coaching high school football, and traveling with the family. Business wise he was also doing exactly what he really loves; Coaching and Mentoring.

The Entrepreneur

With the success of his real estate companies, John began opening other affiliate business to support his growing real estate company. All told John and his wife were the sole owner of 9 real estate offices, three mortgage companies, a relocation company, an online mortgage company, and a thriving consulting business. John also mentored and trained not only his own 700 employees but thousands more throughout the years.

A Humanitarian

In 2010 John took his family on a humanitarian vacation to Africa where his son had served as a missionary. Little did he know that trip would change his life forever. After seeing the devastating poverty in Africa, John’s reaction was not one of pity, but rather disbelief and a little anger, that in 2010, so many people were still living at that level of abject poverty. Upon returning home, he took action. It would revolve around curing the three ailments of poverty: Water, Health and the lack of Opportunity. Using this acronym, John founded WHOlives.org. Two months later, inexplicably he has a dream about a human powered drill that can access clean, disease free water up to 250 feet deep. Over the next 8 months, John worked with student engineers at BYU to develop his idea into what is known today as the Village Drill.

In 2015, WHOlives and the Village Drill are now in 15 developing countries and have nearly 40 drills in operation. There are currently over 250,000 people who have access to clean water due to John’s efforts and the Village Drill. That number will continue to climb exponentially. John is hoping to reach over 1 million in 2016/2017 as his philosophy is to empower local people to continue to drill for profit, eventually eliminating the need for constant outside donations and intervention.

It has been said that the “Village Drill will do for water what the automobile did for transportation.” John says he is no Henry Ford, but the innovation and hard work is what he admires.

When asked why he does what he does? “There is something indescribably satisfying to change the life of another human being”

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