Making a Difference by Creating Knowledge, Not Sympathy

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As part of our goal to save and improve millions of lives, WHOlives regularly organizes humanitarian expeditions to East Africa.  Our experiences in Africa have brought many...

  • Greater Knowledge of other Cultures
  • Life Changing Experiences
  • Incredible Service Opportunities
  • Amazing Participation Activities
  • Deeper Understanding of Ourselves
  • Inspiring Opportunities

The experience and friendships made are life changing for both those we serve and for those who participate.

While expedition programming can be customized based on the interests of the group, we work hard to ensure expedition members have rich cultural immersion experiences while volunteering within African communities.  Expeditions regularly include activities like...

  • Shadowing and assisting farmers in their regular farming and agriculture activities.
  • Inspiring local school children with simple homemade science experiments
  • Volunteering in health clinics
  • Visiting orphanages

We also participate in recreational activities such as safari, camel rides, visits to the beach, sightseeing and more. Expedition costs range from $1,800 – $3,200 per person based on length of stay and programming.  Airfare is not included. Fees include lodging, land transportation, meals and costs associated with activities like safari.


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