Today is International Women’s Day!

As I sit here in my comfortable home office in Salt Lake City, Utah, I reflect on all the women who have gone before me. These smart, determined, and loving women who fought for raising their economic status, fought to be taken seriously in male-dominated industries, fought to keep food on the table and insisted their voices be heard. I’m so very grateful for the women of today who choose to stay home and invest in raising our future - our children. I’m grateful for the women who show their God-given gifts to the world, to stretch, grow, and overcome. Yes we have come a long way however there are many of our sisters around the world who still struggle daily.

Here is what we know we still have work to do.

We know that 1/3 of schools around the world do not have access to clean and safe water.

We know that women and children are the water-collectors for the family.

We know that women and young girls spend 3-6 hours daily collecting water for the family and are often subject to sexual predators.

We know that when we bring clean water to villages, girls are able to attend school, educate themselves and raise their economic status.

At WHOlives, we know that everything begins with water. Clean water saves lives, improves health, creates economic independence, saves money, improves sanitation, increases farming yields and also increases school attendance for our girls.

Today we salute all women globally and we thank you men who support us, love us and fight for our equality.

Beth Manning
Director Global Programs

Mitch Searle